You know that feeling when your online shopping order was meant to arrive, but gets delayed (and then you have to change your entire outfit plan)? Or when you order something off a fancy restaurant menu, only to receive a meal that isn’t quite as good as you expected? Yeah, us too. 

There are few things in life that come with a lot of certainty, and these examples are just a couple – believe us, we could go on! But there is one thing you can bank on, and that’s getting your Domino’s pizza delivered Hot & Fresh, every time!

But how do we ensure your order is delivered Hot & Fresh, time and time again?  

Read on to find out more…

1. A laser focus on 3TEN

 Did you know that across Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd’s ten markets, we have a global goal for your pizza to be ready for pick up in three minutes or safely delivered in ten?

We call this goal 3TEN, and simply believe this is the gold standard our customers deserve.

With Domino’s 3TEN goal, you’ll no longer have to wonder when your order will arrive, because we aim to have your pizza delivered Hot & Fresh to your door no more than ten minutes after your order is placed. 

2. Innovative technology

We’ve got some pretty hot technology at Domino’s, and we’re so proud of it, we want to tell you all about it.

One of the ways we make sure your order is Hot & Fresh, every time, is through our predictive ordering technology. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? We might be biased, but we think so!

Predictive ordering allows our in-store teams to view a screen which, according to a colour ranking system, tells them the likelihood of a pizza being ordered.

Ok, but how does this help you get a fresher slice of pizza in your hands?

Well, it means out team members can begin making your order before you place it and have it coming fresh out of the oven right as you press ‘order’. Now that’s hot.

3. Quick, hot ovens, and special delivery cells

Dreaming of the day you can have a pizza cooked in under five minutes? At Domino’s this dream is a reality, with our super-fast (and hot!) ovens baking your pizza to perfection in under five minutes. Impressive, right?

Our Delivery Experts also use specially designed ‘Hot Cell’ bags which keep your pizza as Hot & Fresh as possible while it’s on its way to you. Think key features such as steam retention and high thermal insulation – now we’re talking!

Say goodbye to frozen pizza, and place an order for your favourite slice of Domino’s – it’s quicker, tastier, fresher and hotter every time!

4. Pedal-powered deliveries

While you might think a car trumps a bike any day, ask a Domino’s Delivery Expert what they prefer, and you’ll likely get a different answer.

On an E-bike or UBCO electric scooter (made by local Kiwi-owned business, UBCO), your Delivery Expert doesn’t have to spend time looking for a park – they can simply pull up on their bike and deliver you a piping hot pizza. Easy as that.

Additionally, E-bikes are a fun, safe way for team members to deliver pizza, and they also reduce Domino’s environmental impact. With that in mind, you can enjoy your pizza guilt-free!

5. Domino’s team members love a good hustle

Slow where it matters and fast where it counts – a saying all Dominoids live by. Safety is always our number one priority at Domino’s, but where we can, our team members love to hustle to make sure your pizza is delivered as Hot & Fresh as possible.

From taking the time to make sure your order is quickly placed in the Hot Cell, to hustling your pizza out the door and on its way to you, Domino’s Delivery Experts’ dedication to delivering safe, hot meals is second to none.

So next time you’re hungry and feel unsure about what meal to order, know for certain that Domino’s will deliver your pizza Hot & Fresh. We’ll have a ‘pizza’ that!