Hungry? Domino’s is here to save the day (and your wallet)
with the launch of our new Hunger Savers Range!

Picture this: It’s Monday morning and you’re on the bus heading into the city. Endlessly scrolling on your phone, you wonder if there’s time to stop and pick up a coffee at your favourite café before 8:00am.

You check your bank balance, and your stomach drops. Okay, maybe your housemate was right. You did spend a few more dollars than you were meant to on the weekend (we don’t blame you, that new pair of sneakers is totally cute and practical! We’re sure you’ll get plenty of wear out of them...).

But seriously, now you’re stuck wondering: how am I meant to buy groceries for dinner this week, let alone a coffee with just a few dollars?

Don't worry, Domino’s new Hunger Savers menu is here to save the day and help ‘feed you’ on that crumpled-up fiver you just found in the back of your wallet! 😉

Available New Zealand-wide, Domino’s new Hunger Savers range is set to save your hunger pains (and savings!) offering Kiwis a range of Hot & Fresh options for just a few gold coins. Think $5 Large Pepperoni and Simply Cheese pizzas; $3 Mini Pizzas; and incredible combos featuring a Mini pizza + Garlic Bread, or a 370ml drink for just $5 bucks!

Talk about penny pinching!

These tasty lunchtime savings are available all day, every day, until 4pm, so you can pick up your favourite Domino’s menu items for less!

In fact, your Hot & Fresh meal at Domino’s for just a few dollars is better value than…

1. 1kg of Frozen baby peas.
Freeze my bank account instead, baby! I’m using gold coins for this one. No really, with so many options for less, Domino’s Hunger Savers menu is bound to fill you up with hap-pea-ness from just $3.

2. 1 litre of petrol.
With the new Hunger Savers menu, we’re going nowhere fast but Domino’s. By foot, or bike (nothing that requires petrol at those prices!). Fuel your body with a Mini Pizza for just $3 instead. Now that’s more like it!

3. Buying a ticket to travel two zones on a bus in Auckland.
Ahh... The age-old debate of whether you should help your bank account out by catching the bus or jumping in an Uber because you’re running late. Since you’re already on the move, why not grab a Mini pizza at just $3 with the change you have left over from that fiver for your ticket. Chew chew!

4. That large coffee you were eyeing off.
Let’s be real, a Domino’s $3 Mini Pizza would keep you bouncing off the walls for way longer anyway. Goodbye to caffeine, hello to affordable lunch!

5. An Iceberg lettuce.
Although also round in shape (like a pizza), this one still leaves us feeling a little… icey, if you know what we mean. Seriously though, you can get your hands on not one, but two Mini Ham & Cheese pizzas from Domino’s instead. The choice is yours.

6. A block of chocolate.
The cost of fulfilling a sweet-tooth craving feels a little bittersweet. Fear not, Domino’s new hunger savers range will fill you up ‘choc’-a-block!

We could go on... but we won’t. We think you get it. Lunch from your local Domino’s is the best value, and with our new Hunger Savers range, you will always get more.

Next time you’re pining for a ‘slice’ of deliciousness at lunch time and feel unsure about what to order, why not turn to Domino’s in your time of ‘knead’. We will always be here to save the day (and your wallet!).