Because we’re app-y! A slice of ordering Domino’s through the years

Remember when the only way you could order your favourite pizza was by rocking up to your local Domino’s store to place the order?

Well, things have come a long way since then!

While our team members still love being able to share a slice of their pizza expertise with you in store, we know pizza lovers like choice, which is why we have introduced a range of pizza ordering options over the year.

In celebration of launching our new Domino’s app, which delivers a faster and easier ordering experience, we’re taking a trip down memory lane into the ways you’ve been able to order Domino’s.

Whether you prefer to bond over pizza at your local Domino’s store when placing your order, order online from the comfort of your couch, or use the pizza store in your pocket (AKA the Domino’s app), read on to learn how pizza ordering has evolved over time. 

1. Meet and Greet 

Domino’s has provided delicious pizzas to Kiwis for nearly 20 years, and back in 2003 when we opened our first store in Johnsonville, Wellington, when customers knew their craving couldn’t be ‘topped’ by anything other than a Domino’s pizza (we know the feeling!), they needed to visit our team members in store to place their order.

While our stores still love to meet and greet our customers every day, we also know convenience is important – which is why we have introduced some additional methods of ordering over the years. But never fear, if you’re a fan of walking into your local store to place your order, you’ll always be welcomed with a smile (and great value!).

2. Dialling up for pizzas

In 2005, Domino’s dialled it up a notch, launching mobile phone ordering for customers. While these days most of us always have our phones within reach, back in 2005, this was something that offered customers a new and convenient way to place their pizza order.

Phone calls are still a popular way for Domino’s customers to order their favourite pizza – in fact, the phone number has never changed – dial 0800 30 40 50 and some Hot and Fresh pizzas will be on their way!

3. Browsing for your favourite slice

Shortly after mobile phone ordering launched, customers were able to place their pizza order online. While we all take this for granted now, it’s important to remember it wasn’t possible once!

Nowadays, jumping onto the Domino’s website to place an order is one of the most popular ways to order pizza. In fact, nearly 70 per cent of Domino’s pizza orders are placed online. Impressive, right?

4. App-y times!

Pizza store in your pocket? Sign us up!

When Domino’s launched our very own ordering app in 2009, customers practically had their very own pizza store in their pocket. In fact, Domino’s was one of the first quick service restaurants in New Zealand to release an app – which we think is pretty cool!

5. Faster, hotter, fresher and even ‘appier’!

The latest mode of ordering Domino’s arrived this month with the launch of the new Domino’s app!

Delivering a faster and easier ordering experience for customers, the new Domino’s app not only allows customers to access the menu and scroll through for their favourite slice of pizza faster than the previous Domino’s app, but it’s also where you can find all the best money-saving special offers. We’ll share a slice to that!

But at Domino’s, we always want to go one step further, which is why we’re celebrating the new app with FREE PIZZA! *cue appy dance*

What do you have to do to redeem this offer, you ask? Simply place a Domino’s order through the app from Monday 18 July and receive one free Large pizza for FREE with your next app order.

Now we’ll have a pizza that.