Zero Contact Delivery


At Domino’s, our first priority is the health and safety of our team members and customers.

That's why we are now offering Zero Contact Delivery. 

This means having your favourite Domino’s meal hot and fresh like usual, but with no direct contact between you and the Domino's team member.

We understand the trust our customers place in us to deliver safe, freshly prepared meals and take our responsibility seriously.  


How does it work for delivery? 

For your peace of mind, when you order delivery you will have the option of Zero Contact. This means that the Delivery Expert will place your order in front of your door before moving back to a safe distance. 

They will then contact you by phone to let you know they have arrived and wait to ensure you have collected your order.

Domino’s Car Park Delivery is a new, zero contact pick up option that customers can choose at selected stores when placing a pre-paid order via the Domino’s app or mobile website. The service – which is a first for the Quick Service Restaurant industry in New Zealand – is completely optional and delivered for no extra charge. 



Does a Zero Contact Delivery cost extra?

No. We believe our customers deserve to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when ordering food in these uncertain times.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes. As you place your order online, the available payment options will be displayed on checkout. 

What else is Domino’s doing to protect team members and customers?

Domino’s follows strict food safety and hygiene procedures, including regular handwashing, sanitisation and wearing gloves when making pizzas. Our pizzas are then cooked in an oven that exceeds 250 degrees Celsius and are not touched again by our hands. Additionally, we have auditors in our stores every day of the week, making sure that Domino’s rigorous food safety and hygiene practices are being followed.

What to expect

Select Zero Contact Delivery when placing your order online or request it over the phone.

The delivery expert will place your order on a safe surface in front of your door...

...and then contact you by phone to let you know when your order has arrived.

The delivery expert will then move back to a safe distance and wait until you collect your order.