Domino's To Provide Emergency Meals For Seniors

Domino’s is proud to announce its new Meals For Seniors initiative in response to the government’s request for citizens to remain at home. As of today, any senior citizen, over 70, that lives within a Domino’s delivery territory will be eligible for a meal delivered to their home for free.

“Domino’s recognises that our older citizens are some of the most vulnerable in our society, says NZ General Manager Cameron Toomey.

“After the Government’s announcement asking Kiwis to remain in their homes, we understand that those over 70  will be some of the most effected by COVID-19.

“The NZ Government has determined food delivery is an essential service and we intend to safely live up to this responsibility through Zero Contact Delivery.

“Getting in and feeding people in times of need is something we can do to help when times are really challenging as they are now. Our franchisees and team members ready and willing to support this valuable part of our community.”


How It Works

The Meals for Seniors initiative allow those over the age of 70 to order one meal per week, per household. Domino’s is asking those who are eligible and want to order to call the dedicated ordering line 0800 292 000 and leave their name and phone number. A team member will then call back to ask for their address and schedule a delivery. 24 hours notice is required. No credit card or other payment type will be needed.

With safety in mind all deliveries will be Zero Contact, a delivery method that was introduced as an option by the company two weeks ago.

The Zero Contact Delivery process involves a Delivery Expert placing the order on a safe surface at the customer’s designated delivery location and then letting the customer know their order has arrived via phone. Customers should stay in the home until the Delivery Expert has made contact.