Second to ‘Naan’: Domino’s launches new Taste of India Range to meet growing consumer demand

Domino’s Cheesy Pizza Naan. Do we need to say more?

From Monday, 20 March 2023 pizza lovers across New Zealand will be able to get Delhi on their doorstep with the launch of Domino’s new authentic Taste of India Range – featuring three Indian inspired pizzas including the Butter Chicken, Indi Chicken Tikka and the Spicy Peppy Paneer.

Loaded with locally sourced vegetables, seasoned chicken, creamy paneer cheese and topped with Domino’s signature Indian butter sauce, Domino’s has turned up the ‘dhal’ on both value and choice for Kiwi customers.

The best part? Kiwis will also be able to get their hands on Domino’s first ever Cheesy Pizza Naan. Think light and fluffy pizza dough topped with oozy mozzarella, lashings of garlic butter and even more Indian butter sauce.  

Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Allan Collins said the Company was proud to introduce the range of fresh, vibrant and authentic Indian flavoured pizzas and sides in response to growing consumer demand across the market.

“The top takeaway dish in New Zealand for 2022 was recently revealed, and it might not be what you think,” he said.

“Data shows that Indian remains one of the most popular take out dishes for Kiwis across the country, with most consumers opting to enjoy a mild butter chicken curry and a side of garlic naan.

“Domino’s new Taste of India Range looks to deliver on that same authentic Indian takeaway experience. It’s the butter chicken flavour Kiwis know and love – but on a pizza!

“For those who enjoy the classic chicken curry, why not try Domino’s Butter Chicken pizza? Loaded with capsicum, onion, mushroom, tomato, seasoned chicken, mozzarella, jalapeños, spring onion and a swirl of Domino’s Indian butter sauce, its butter chicken curry – made to be delivered!

“And for those who are looking for a bit more heat, you can’t go past the Spicy Peppy Paneer topped with all of your favourite vegetables, mozzarella, paneer, jalapeños and a generous swirl of Peri Peri sauce.”

Domino’s Culinary Innovation & Development Chef Michael Treacy said he spent months perfecting the signature Indian butter sauce, ensuring it was the right

balance of spice to be used as the base for all three pizzas in the Taste of India Range.

“Our signature Indian butter sauce, infused with cumin, coriander, cardamon, paprika, chili and pepper is rich and full of spice and flavour.

“The butter and cream add a type of richness, while the spice allows for more of a typical curry flavour, and the tomato sauce balances it all out with a hint of sweetness,” he said.

“Drizzled on top of our new Cheesy Pizza Naan or Butter Chicken Wings, Domino’s signature Indian butter sauce is bound to have customers saying, ‘oh em ghee’!”

Keen to get a slice of Domino’s exciting new Taste of India Range? Kiwis can order the Butter Chicken from $9.99 Pick-Up right now via the Domino’s App for a limited time.

And if you want to skip straight to the sides, we don’t blame you. Domino’s Cheesy Pizza Naan is available from $4.99 Pick-Up.  

Domino’s Taste of India Range is now available nationwide at all participating stores.


Butter Chicken – topped with capsicum, onion, mushroom, tomato, seasoned chicken, mozzarella, jalapeños and spring onion finished with Domino’s signature Indian butter sauce.

Indi Chicken Tikka – topped with capsicum, onion, tomato, seasoned chicken, mozzarella, paneer cheese, chilli flakes and spring onion.

Spicy Peppy Paneer – topped with onion, capsicum, tomato, mozzarella, jalapeños, paneer cheese and finished with Peri Peri sauce.

Cheesy Pizza Naan – light and fluffy pizza dough topped with oozy mozzarella, lashings of garlic butter and Domino’s signature Indian butter sauce. 

Butter Chicken Wings (5 & 10 pk) – seasoned chicken wings coated in Domino’s signature Indian butter sauce.