At Domino’s, it is our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to always act with integrity and respect, and to work closely with the local communities in which we operate. A big part of this is to gain the trust of the community, our team members and our customers and our responsibility to help make the world a better place.


The projects may change and the focus may shift, but at the heart is a commitment to doing the right thing and to challenging ourselves every day to be the best we can be.

At Domino’s, we break this into four key focus areas:



At Domino’s, we value respect and leverage the unique contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. 

With more than 800 stores across Australia and New Zealand, our stores are as diverse as the communities they serve.


Our commitment to celebrating diversity includes:


  • Providing our people with training and tools to help increase their awareness and understanding of differences, so their actions can contribute to our inclusive and high-performing workplace culture
  • Facilitating unconscious bias workshops and refreshers for team members
  • Focusing on improving gender equality and outcomes for both women and men in the workplace.



Domino’s operates stores in every state and territory in Australia, from the big cities to the small towns. We are a truly national Australian company, and through our franchisees and our employees we believe in giving where we can, particularly when communities or individuals are doing it tough.

Over the past few years, we have developed our Give for Good program. This is a registered charity, primarily managed by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE) to collect donations for DPE, customers and head office team members to support registered charities and not-for-profits across Australia.

The Give for Good giving philosophy focuses on four key areas, where we aim to see the outcome or end recipient of our giving, educate and be able to develop sustainable best-practices and innovative ideas to help make a difference in:


  • Education & youth initiatives
  • Disaster relief, recovery and preparedness
  • Rural communities
  • Leadership & entrepreneurship.




Our recent offering of Vegan Cheese means that Domino’s is now an option for customers seeking plant based and meat free products. It’s an example of our commitment to listening and responding to feedback and delivering even more choice.


HONEST Nutritionals

We believe in being transparent with our customers to help them with their food choices. This includes providing all relevant information relating to nutritionals, allergens and additives clearly on our website to help customers choose food that fits into their lifestyles.


We are proud to share detailed kilojoule information on our menu boards, website and marketing materials.


This includes implementing kilojoule menu labelling across all states and territories. We made this move because it’s the right thing to do and our customers deserve to make informed decisions about their food choices.



In our industry there is increased concern about marketing to children.

Domino’s does not, and will never, market to children.

Nor do we feature children in our advertising, whether it be broadcast or non-broadcast as part of our media policy. This includes the use of marketing techniques that appeal to children such as games and toys.



Trust is important to us. Trust that our customers place in our stores and in our brand every single day, with every single order. It’s this trust that drives us to meet and exceed the highest of standards. To work with only the best food suppliers in the country. Suppliers that we hold to these standards and that deliver only the highest quality products. Trust to hold our own stores to these standards when it comes to food safety responsibility. Providing customers with safe, quality food is not only a priority, but it is paramount to our integrity and to our commitment to be hungry to be better. This includes rigorous food auditing and food safety programs.



We take our commitment to food safety extremely seriously.

As part of this, Domino’s has a registered Food Safety Program which is reviewed and certified annually. All stores have Food Safety Supervisors who have passed a fully accredited training program. Domino’s also has a comprehensive approved supplier program, where all suppliers and ingredients are certified to strict food safety standards and accreditations. All stores are required to have 6-week pest control management conducted by external certified pest control technicians.




Domino’s has a proud history of supporting sustainable food practices and has long-standing relationships with large food suppliers across Australia.

We are committed to supporting local farming and sustainability initiatives, as well as meaningful programs that improve the overall impact of our sustainable food procurement journey.


Examples of key areas that we focus on include:

• Support for disadvantaged farmers and farming communities

• Farmer health and wellness

• Improved farming practices that increase yields and efficiencies

• Supporting farming research and development.



Domino’s uses electronic pushbikes to increase efficiencies in delivery times and reduce impact on the environment. Not only do e-bikes help the environment, they also reduce noise in the area and provide a fun, safe and active way for us to deliver pizza to our customers.

Our electronic pushbikes have been designed and modified for our delivery needs, ensuring our drivers can safely deliver piping hot pizzas while doing our bit for the environment.



At Domino’s, we are always looking for opportunities to reduce our energy consumption and choose equipment and appliances based on energy efficiency. This also includes our local stores looking for energy efficiencies with a number of initiatives.