Domino’s Drone Delivery FAQs

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Domino’s Delivery Drone Te Kaahu! 

Domino's, in partnership with drone technology company SkyDrop, is excited to expand its drone delivery trials in Raahui Pookeka (Huntly), New Zealand this July 2023.  

After making history with the world’s first pizza delivery by drone from Domino’s Whangaparaoa in Auckland in 2016, we are excited to once again partner with SkyDrop to test our new and improved drone technology with even more Kiwi pizza lovers. 

From 10 – 21 July 2023, Domino’s will be offering customers in Raahui Pookeka (Huntly) the opportunity to have their Hot & Fresh order delivered by the Te Kaahu drone!  

To find out more about the expanded trial please see below frequently asked questions. 



Why is it called the Te Kaahu drone? 

In October 2022, the Waahi Paa named Domino’s and SkyDrop’s first New Zealand based trial drone Te Kaahu – meaning ‘The Hawk’. To have the drone recognised by the Waahi Paa in this way is a great honour, and Domino’s is committed to seeing the Te Kaahu me he kaahu I te rangi (fly safely like a hawk in the sky).  

 Why is Domino’s delivering pizza by drone? 

At Domino’s, we believe drone delivery will be an essential component of our pizza deliveries in the future. This means customers will benefit from the convenience of having Hot & Fresh pizzas delivered with zero contact to their homes by electrically powered drones, which also reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse emissions. 

How does Domino’s drone delivery work?  

Once a customer places an order via the Domino’s website, online app or phone, a Domino’s team member will determine if the order is eligible for drone delivery. After contacting the customer to receive approval, Domino’s will assist SkyDrop in preparing the order for drone delivery. The Domino’s order will then be delivered to the customer, Hot & Fresh, within minutes.  

How do I place a Domino’s order to be delivered by drone? 

While drone delivery cannot be 100 per cent guaranteed due to weather conditions and timings, customers who would like to place an order for drone delivery consideration are encouraged to do so via the Domino’s website, online app or phone. Please note that only customers who have placed eligible drone delivery orders will be contacted as part of this trial.   

What constitutes an eligible drone delivery? 

Domino’s drone deliveries only operate during the day and are paused during periods of severe weather including thunderstorms and heavy rain. This means that depending on the weather, time of day, and availability of the drone, not every Domino’s order may be eligible for drone delivery.   

Does it cost more to have my order delivered by drone? 

No! Our goal is to ensure Domino’s remains the home of great value – whether your pizza is delivered Hot & Fresh by e-bike, car or drone. We like to be as transparent about our pricing as possible. To see how our pricing structure is sliced and diced to help answer any questions you may have, please visit:   

How do I receive my order by drone when it arrives at my house?   
The drone has a precision delivery altitude of up to 60 meters – meaning it can hover and lower the Domino’s delivery gently to the ground from a safe height. We kindly ask all customers to wait for their order to be lowered to the ground, and to not retrieve their order until the package is safely released, and the drone has started flying away.  

Is the drone Domino’s is using safe? 

Absolutely! At Domino’s, safety is our top priority. Therefore, the drone being used in this trial is equipped with many safety features including the ability to automatically return to the store; conduct a safe landing in a pre-designated landing area; and even has a parachute system for added safety. Most importantly, the drone has passed all relevant safety requirements required by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in New Zealand to operate.   

Does the drone operate in bad weather?  

Drone operations will be paused during periods of severe weather including thunderstorms and heavy rain. While the drone can safely operate in winds up to 29 km/h, Domino’s is committed to the ongoing safety and wellbeing of our team members, customers and communities, and will suspend drone deliveries in poor weather events.     

Does the drone operate at night?  

No, the drone will only deliver during the day for this initial trial period.  

How noisy is the drone? 

The drone has been purposely designed to have a low noise profile. In fact, SkyDrop has engineered the drone to operate as quietly as possible. It creates about the same level of noise as a regular car driving down a suburban street! 

What about privacy?  

Domino’s takes the security and privacy of customers very seriously and is conscious of privacy perceptions around the use of drones in the community. Domino’s, in partnership with SkyDrop, is committed to ensuring all systems remain safe and secure and that sensitive customer information cannot be accessed or compromised.  

For example, although the drone is fitted with a camera (for operational reasons) it is only turned-on for a short period of time during take-off and landing when it finally reaches its delivery destination.  

Domino’s and SkyDrop will continue to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and remain transparent in our approach to the protection of privacy, and collection and use of data. Additionally, Domino’s and SkyDrop will continue to follow the recommendations and measures required, and will work closely with the relevant privacy authorities in New Zealand. 

Will Domino’s Huntly still be employing/hiring local Delivery Experts? 

Yes! Domino’s is introducing drones to our stores as an additional delivery option for our customers – not the only option. We see drone delivery working alongside our current delivery options including cars, scooters, and electric bikes. Due to increases in the number of deliveries we are currently seeing across our stores, we see a need to introduce a new method to our delivery systems. It’s important to note that we still have a very strong need for Delivery Experts at our Huntly store, and all stores across New Zealand. 

Can we expect to see drones a regular form of delivery across Domino’s New Zealand?  

We’re excited by the opportunity to expand Domino’s delivery fleet beyond just car, scooter or e-bike. At Domino’s, we believe drone delivery will be an essential component of our pizza deliveries in the future and remain committed to exploring how to make this an everyday reality. 


If you have any outstanding questions, please reach out to