Pedal Powered Pizza: Urban Domino’s Stores looking at the

future with 100% ZeroCar deliveries


October 2016

Domino’s has opened its first ZeroCar delivery store in Ponsonby, Auckland.

The store, in the new Ponsonby Vinegar Lane and Cider development, is the first Domino’s store in New Zealand that will not use any cars in their deliveries with the ultimate aim to be a 100% electronic bike (e-bike) delivery store.

Domino’s General Manager, Scott Bush said the transition to ZeroCar deliveries is two-part; one part is Domino’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment and getting staff more active during deliveries and the other is Domino’s struggle to find enough drivers in stores due to a shortage of New Zealander’s getting their driver’s licences.

“Not only do the pushbikes help the environment, they also reduce noise and traffic in the area and provide a fun, safe and active way for us to deliver pizza to our customers,” Scott said.

“Our pushbikes have been designed and modified for our delivery needs, ensuring our drivers can safely deliver piping hot pizzas while doing our bit for the environment.

“The fact that our pushbikes can keep up with our petrol vehicles in terms of standard delivery time is very encouraging for the future.”

While the Domino’s store has made the change to electronic pushbikes in a move to increase efficiencies in delivery times and reduce impact on the environment it also combats a larger issue of the lack of candidates with driver’s licenses.

Scott Bush said that it has become apparent in the last few years that the number of youth who have a driver’s licence is reducing, let alone those with access to a car.

"We have worked closely with councils and other key agencies to try and understand the barriers for youth to get a license, and some great insights have come from the work. The next step is to overcome the barriers.

“As a company we have to look at the way we operate in the current conditions and if one of our barriers is licensed staff we have to find an alternative option. We spent a long time working on the ebike delivery option to get the bike suitable for our purpose.

“In the meantime we still need to get our pizza’s out and the introduction of the ebikes has been a great solution. We advertised the role specifically as an ebike driver and the number of applicants was overwhelming and were able to fully staff the new store very easily.

“We currently have a few scooters available at the store as a backup while we get to fully understand the ebike delivery but we haven’t had to use the scooters like we thought we would. We hope that the deliveries from this store will be 100% ebike in the coming weeks.”

“All of our Delivery Experts are kitted out with safety equipment including high visibility vests and helmets with safety always the number one priority.

For an ebike delivery store the build and design of the stores have to be slightly different and the delivery territory must be suitable with capacity to charge and store the ebikes when not in use.

The territory for the delivery must also be taken into account and while not every Domino’s is suitable to be 100% ebike, we can introduce them to nationwide stores to make them an additional delivery option.

“We look forward to rolling out even more stores with pushbike deliveries in the near future, we have the next one earmarked and are building the store for it accordingly.”

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