Domino's Anywhere

We know our customers are busy. We know the crave convenience and the ability to order on the run. We have now made it possible for our customers to order from any location with Domino’s Anywhere. The new ordering platform allows you to order your piping hot pizza directly to outdoor areas like the park or beach, without needing a specific street address.

Making customer ordering even easier, Domino’s Anywhere allows mobile customers to order using a maps-based pin drop feature, meaning pizza can be delivered right to your beach towel or picnic blanket!

With Domino’s Anywhere, customers can pin drop their location and Delivery Experts will be able to meet them outside with their piping hot delivery!

When customers use Domino’s Anywhere, the platform will be able to detect that the selected location is outside and will prompt customers for further information including delivery instructions and safety inclusions.

To receive a delivery in an outdoor area we ask that customers are in an easily accessible location, that is well-lit and within 100 meters of a street address.

We are excited about some of the locations we have been delivering to customers including construction sites, cherry pickers, boats and airports to name just a few.

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