What’s for dinner? It’s a question we find ourselves asking almost every. Single. Night.

And let’s face it. 

Cooking can be a taxing, thankless ordeal… and by the time it’s all said and scrubbed? Well, you’ve aged a decade.

Youth is fleeting, and there’s no guarantee your creation will hit the spot or scratch that itch to indulge in what you’re truly craving.

Everyone knows all too well the feeling of roaming your house looking for a reason, any tiny reason, to take the night off and treat yourself to a slice of your favourite Domino’s pizza.

After all, mountains and molehills are all about perspective – and we guarantee there are plenty of small wins in your day-to-day to justify putting the saucepan away and ordering pizza instead!

Don’t believe us?

Read on for all the small victories that we think are a pretty big deal, and more than worth a celebration in the form of your favourite pizza and sides.

Wrote a heading for that assignment you’ve been meaning to start?

That’s a big deal! You’re not cooking tonight.

Hold that thought: You made the text bold?

Go all out and add some dessert to your order.

Straightened the family portrait by three degrees (something you’ve been meaning to do every time you walked past for the last month)?

Gather the family because we can already hear the Delivery Expert knocking on the door.

Learned a new note on the flute (or whatever instrument you convinced yourself you would learn by the end of lockdown!)?

Wow, that’s a big deal!

Got every green light on the way home from work?

That’s a win worth celebrating!

Your crush replied to your text?

Well, that’s perhaps the biggest deal of them all!

What we’re trying to say is there’s no deal too small that isn’t worth celebrating.

So go on, celebrate making time to take your dog for two walks instead of one, finishing work before it’s dark outside, and being secretly pleased that your friend cancelled Friday night’s plans so you can have a night in instead!

And the best way to celebrate your [small] big deal? The Family Big Deal, Deal at Domino’s, of course, with three Large Traditional or Value pizzas and three selected sides from $33 pick-up or delivered.

Now THAT’S a big deal.

Domino’s ‘The Family Big Deal, Deal’ is available Monday - Wednesday. Visit www.dominos.co.nz to order The Family Big Deal, Deal today.