In love we 'crust': A (cheese) toast(ie) to the newlyweds!

Picture this: you’ve just found out the average cost for wedding catering in New Zealand is $11,065.

That’s the equivalent of a Value Range pizza every day for more than six years – AKA a lot of pizza.

You’re perplexed. Torn between marriage and pizza (naturally). And then, a shining light appears. Domino’s is helping to share the love by giving one lucky couple the chance to win a catered wedding.

 You and your pizza-loving fiancé jump at the opportunity, and vow to remember this moment by naming your first-born child Margherita. Meaning your shared love of pizza will live on forever…

Okay so maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration… but we’re sure that Milly and Richard experienced some of those same #feels when they found out they had won their wedding catering by their shared favourite Quick Service Restaurant: Domino’s!

So, how did this ‘cheesy’ union come to be?

Just before Christmas, Milly was organising her wedding and looking into catering. While enjoying a slice of her favourite Domino’s pizza, she discovered the company was helping to share the love this wedding season with a new ‘un-brie-leviable’ duet. She knew she was destined to enter. 

Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust had just launched with the ultimate love ballad sung by David Novak of Polish Club and up-and-coming musical talent Natalie Conway, “Cheese Toastie Love”.  The ballad told the epic love story of Pizza and Cheese Toastie coming together in the form of melt worthy verses.

Much like the bridge in this ballad, Milly found herself hooked.

To celebrate the love, New Zealanders were invited to share why “Cheese Toastie Love” would be the perfect tune for their first dance at their wedding in 250 words or less.

In her submission, Milly shared that her and Richard were looking for a way to show their love and dedication to each other, pizza, and of course, cheese toasties.

“Finally, we no longer have to choose between our love for cheese toasties and Domino’s pizza, and we can invite our third wheel to the wedding without having to bring along the toastie maker,” said Milly.

In January 2022, Milly and Richard finally got to say ‘fondue” sorry, we mean “I do”, after seven years of friendship and love, celebrating their marriage at Te Puna with more than 50 guests on January 8, 2022.

The song that played during their first dance? Cheese Toastie Crust love, of course!

Alongside their guests, Milly and Richard enjoyed 45 Domino’s pizzas, ranging from Simply Cheese, Vegorama, Meatlovers and Ham and Cheese to Garlic Prawn, Pepperoni and Peri Peri Chicken! Of course, Cheese Toastie Crust was there, as were stacks of Garlic Bread, Chicken Bites and Chunky Cut Chips!

The best part of all? Almost all of Milly and Richard’s guests got to take leftovers home!

“By having our wedding catered by Domino’s, we knew that there would be something for everyone!

“Peri Peri Chicken with Cheese Toastie Crust was my personal favourite, and Richard loved Pepperoni with Cheese Toastie Crust.

"We could not possibly have thought of a better way to celebrate our wedding day, and we’re sure that our first dance will be ‘toasted’ in everyone’s memory forever.”