Environment, Social, and Governance


We take our commitment to food safety extremely seriously.

As part of this, Domino’s has a registered Food Safety Program which is reviewed and certified annually. All stores have Food Safety Supervisors who have passed a fully accredited training program. Domino’s also has a comprehensive approved supplier program, where all suppliers and ingredients are certified to strict food safety standards and accreditations. All stores are required to have 6-week pest control management conducted by external certified pest control technicians.


Domino’s Business Partner Code of Conduct outlines our expectations around labour rights and human rights, but we also have strong expectations of our suppliers when it comes to animal welfare.

We expect our business partners to ensure that any animals involved in the good or services provided by Domino’s are treated humanely.

This includes requirements that suppliers:

  • Avoid the use of animals in experiments that cause suffering or distress and are not essential to humans or animals.
  • Avoid cruel or inhumane use of animals in any industrial activity.
  • Avoid supporting cruel or inhumane use of animals in any sporting or entertainment event.

Our current commitments include:

  • By 2025, Domino’s will only use cage free eggs.
  • By 2026, Domino’s will ensure that 100% of its chicken meets or exceed the Better Chicken Commitment standards across all stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The Better Chicken Commitment

In 2021, Domino’s partnered with Compassion in World Farming and signed the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) – a first for the Fast-Food Industry across Australia and New Zealand.

The Better Chicken Commitment aims to significantly improve the conditions in which broiler chickens are raised and slaughtered, including providing environmental enrichment, more space per animal, slower-growing breeds, the presence of perches and natural light, and more respectful slaughter methods by 2026. It lays out strict standards which exceed those currently set by local animal welfare bodies in both Australia and New Zealand including:

  • At least 2.7 metres of perch space and one pecking object per 1,000 birds
  • Good quality bedding in the form of dry litter (at least 50mm deep) in accordance with the BCC criteria
  • At least 50 lux of light, including natural light
  • One hundred per cent of Domino's suppliers are audited by a third party to ensure they meet the BCC criteria.

Domino’s is proud to be leading the way in this space.



Locally owned and operated, Domino's strongly believes in giving back to New Zealand communities and lending a helping hand where we can. While pizza is our first passion, helping communities in difficult times or times when they just need our support is at the core of our beliefs. Over the years Domino’s has donated tens of thousands of pizzas and hundreds of thousands of dollars back into Australian and New Zealand local communities through Doughraisers, pizza donations in times of natural disasters and monetary donations.

Doughraiser Fundraisers

Doughraiser fundraisers aim to support local communities by raising dough through the sale of pizza products on a particular day for a chosen charity, school, sporting or community group. Every Domino's store is unique but here's an example of how doughraiser fundraisers work:

One day of the week, usually a Monday or a Wednesday night, is chosen as the fundraiser day for a store chosen charity or organisation. On this day a pre-determined amount, usually between 50c to $1, from every pizza sold goes directly to the chosen group or organisation.

If you're involved with an organisation, be it a sporting club, charity, or school, and are looking for fundraising support, please contact your local Domino's store on 0800 30 40 50 to find out more information.

Partners Foundation

The Partners Foundation is a Domino's internal non-profit organisation established to assist team members in time of special need or tragedy as a result of natural disasters, unexpected afflictions, on-the-job accidents and other emergencies. Since its inception, the Partners Foundation has helped many Domino's team members and their families with financial, emotional, intermediary and advisory assistance throughout New Zealand.