At Domino’s, protecting your privacy is important to us. Whether you prefer pineapple on your pizza, order every Friday night, or answer the door in your pyjamas, your pizza habits are safe with us.

If you are a customer, and have a question or concern about your personal information, you can contact the Domino’s Privacy Co-ordinator at The Domino’s Privacy Policy can be found at

How Domino’s handles security vulnerabilities

Domino’s takes security threats or incidents, whether real or suspected, very seriously. If you suspect or have discovered a security vulnerability for Domino’s, we would appreciate you disclosing it to us as quickly as possible.

We appreciate the assistance of customers, vendors, the general public and security researchers in identifying any vulnerabilities and we are committed to reviewing all information that is disclosed to us. We will take all communications seriously and will investigate promptly.

We ask that you do not publicly disclose the details of any potential security vulnerabilities without express written consent from us as it may compromise a solution, worsen a situation or potentially expose you personally to legal ramifications under the privacy law.

How to report a security issue

You can disclose potential or suspected security vulnerabilities to the Domino’s Security Team by clicking on the link below or by alternatively emailing