Your privacy matters.

At Domino’s, our goal is to deliver the best experience possible to each and every customer.
And that starts with protecting the thing that’s most important – your privacy.
Whether you prefer pineapple on your pizza, order every Friday night, or answer the door in your pyjamas, your pizza habits are safe with us.
From the products we make, to our service in-store and at your door, data is at the heart of understanding your needs and making your Domino’s experience as enjoyable as possible.
Online ordering apps. GPS Driver Tracker. On-Time Cooking. These are just some of the products and services we have implemented to make your experience a better one.
And now with Artificial Intelligence, we will be able to advance our capabilities even further. From our Live Pizza Tracker to new methods of delivery, we will continue to push the boundaries on what’s possible for our customers.
But not at the expense of your personal privacy and personal data security.
And we will be open with you about what we use your information for, because we believe that holding your data is both a privilege and a responsibility.
One that we take very seriously to make your experience a better one.


Privacy Policy