50% Off Large Gourmet & Traditional Pizzas* - Pick Up or Delivered

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*Conditions apply. Valid at selected stores only until 29/07/2021. Minimum delivery order $20. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Excludes Super Gourmet, half n half, additional toppings & indulgent crust surchargesSee below for full T&Cs. 

*Discount applies to menu priced gourmet and traditional pizzas only. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Excludes Super Gourmet, Value, Extra Value Range Pizzas & New Yorker Range Pizzas. Excludes half n half, additional topping & indulgent crust surcharges. $2 surcharge applies for half ‘n’ half pizzas and each additional topping. $2.99 extra for Gluten Free pizzas. $3.99 extra for Cheesy Crust pizzas. Gourmet pizzas $3 more than Traditional Range pizzas. Minimum delivery order $20. Drivers only carry $20 in change. Limited area for delivery. Only available at selected stores. Price includes GST. DOMINO’S, the Tile Device, the slogan PEOPLE,POWERED,PIZZA are trade marks or registered trade marks of Domino’s IP Holder LLC in New Zealand.

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