Domino's Pizza

BBQ Pork & Onion


Pork sausage, red onion & mozzarella on a BBQ sauce base topped with a mayonnaise swirl


*The displayed prices are local prices at your selected store. You can change your local store here or visit Domino’s Online Ordering Surcharges apply for half ‘n’ half pizzas and each additional topping. Maximum of 2 serves of any single topping allowed on each New Yorker Pizza. $2.99 extra for Gluten Free pizzas. $3.99 extra for Cheesy Crust. No half ‘n’ half & substitute toppings allowed with Value Range Pizzas. No indulgent crusts allowed on the New Yorker Range. New Yorker are not available in Domino’s standard combination deals. Gourmet pizzas $3 more than Traditional Range pizzas. Minimum delivery order $20. Drivers only carry $20 in change. Limited area for delivery. All offers not valid with any other coupon or offer. Only available at selected stores.
Domino’s stores will endeavour to provide allergen free, gluten free or vegan pizzas if requested by the customer but traces of allergens, gluten or animal products may be unintentionally present in food due to cross contamination during store operations. We cannot guarantee 100% that our pizzas are allergen, gluten free or vegan.
More information on Domino’s allergen and gluten free products is available in store and online ( for information on Domino’s products. Please consider these brochures carefully.
Subject to law, Domino’s will not be liable for any costs, fees, claims, damages, charges whatsoever, including medical and dental costs, if a customer has any adverse reaction (including dental damage) to a product sold through a Domino’s store.

† Whilst Domino's Pizza takes due care, this pizza may contain traces of meat.

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