February 2016

Domino’s Pizza New Zealand has recently launched a 20 minute delivery guarantee. Yip, they guarantee that you will get your delivery in 20 minutes, and if not then they will make it up to you. And what’s more, they want to make it even faster and plan to launch a 15 minute guarantee in the coming weeks.

New Zealand’s biggest pizza company has worked on new technology that allows an algorithm for online orders based on various factors, including how busy the store is, the distance of the delivery and driver safety, size of the order amongst other factors to determine if they can make your pizza in a certain time – guaranteed.

If your delivery meets the algorithms criteria you will be offered to purchase the guarantee option during the online order process. A small fee applies and should your delivery not arrive in the guaranteed time Domino’s will give you a free pizza for the next order.

New Zealand General Manager, Scott Bush states “We realise that more and more people want our product and want it quickly. We are working on a lot of technology at present they will ensure the wait time is less. This is one of the first initiatives we are able to roll out and it is pretty ground breaking and to be honest, really bold.”

We are putting a lot of faith in our systems, but even more in our staff to show hustle in store to ensure the pizza’s get out the door as quick as possible. This will only work, based on the algorithm, if the store can handle it and our drivers are able to complete the order safely. The utmost importance is placed on our delivery drivers getting to and from the delivery safely.”

Domino’s will use the 15 and 20 minute guarantee in conjunction with their GPS Driver Tracker launched in 2015. This will give visibility to both the store and customers as to where the delivery is on the road exactly and will be what is used to confirm the delivery has made it in the guaranteed time.

Scott Bush continues “So far the feedback has been great. When teamed with the GPS Driver Tracker we launched in 2015 we have had customers really engage with this service – in fact it gets competitive and many families have been there waiting for their delivery with the GPS Driver Tracker on screen.

Customers seem to really appreciate the effort we are putting in to our brand, products and service level, which is highlighted by increased popularity of our brand. We need to have technology like this in our business to continue to serve our customers in the pace their lives demand it.”

The 20 minute guarantee is live now and will only be available via online ordering when the store is able to ensure it is met with plans to launch the 15 minute option shortly.


For further information please contact Emma Barnes , Communications Manager - NZ, on 021 084 22110 or

About Domino’s:
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises was Australia’s first publicly-listed pizza company and is the master franchisor for the Domino’s Pizza brand in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan and Germany. Across these seven markets, DPE and its franchisees operate over 1700 stores.

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