Picture this: It’s Friday night and you’re on the couch with your best friend – a slice of your favourite Domino’s pizza in hand.

The Netflix show you are currently binging is about to come to a dramatic end (the same end you predicted way back in episode 3, mind you) and the group chat is buzzing.

You reach down into the box for another piece of pizza to realise the worst has happened…

The last slice is gone.

It’s not there.

‘But how?’ You think. “Did I eat the last slice already?”

Breathing a sigh of disappointment you look over at your best friend, enjoying another slice of pizza.  

I can’t believe it’s over…”

Next time, why not keep the good times ‘rolling’ with dessert in the form of a Domino’s Vanilla Puff Roll?

Think deliciously sweet, creamy vanilla custard, wrapped in layers of crispy, flaky puff pastry, topped with a dusting of icing sugar.

The perfect addition (and ending) to any pizza meal (or top rated Netflix show), next time you’re placing your pizza order, we recommend you ‘puff it up’ with the addition of a Vanilla Puff Roll!

We promise there will only be sweet endings!

But you’ll need to be quick, Domino’s Vanilla Puff Rolls are available for a limited time only.

So, don’t walk, but run to taste this vanilla custard ‘puffection’ today!

If savoury is more your style, then don’t worry, Domino’s has you sorted too, with a new and improved Pepperoni Puff Roll now available!